R&D - Research and development


We have always been extremely dedicated to research and innovation and we allocate on average more than 10% of our revenue to the R & D but also to our Regulatory Affairs department. That is why we aim to deliver through our products new solutions for the future, that are highly effective but still environmentally friendly and safe to be used around people and pets.

Within this scope the company has a multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists and other related professions as well as a large product development laboratory, 5 biological laboratories or rooms where we breed more than 15 different species of insects and perform tests with them additionally 2 laboratories of quality to ensure that the product meets our strict standards.

The regulatory view: within the current regulatory framework, especially in Europe, it is absolutely crucial that the product is registered in an efficient manner and complying with the multiple regulations that affect those products, which is why MYLVA has invested to guarantee that all its products are duly registered. We have a professional and skilled team that has succeeded in registering our products in more than 27 countries.