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We are a family business that was founded in 1989 in Barcelona city. Our family has an entrepreneurial and commerce DNA in its blood. The creator of the company, Mateu Picas worked in various areas of Public Health (insect and rodent control) besides cosmetics and at the end of the 80’s saw a business opportunity which led him to create MYLVA SA.

From the beginning, research and development have been the main drivers in order to supply innovative products that will make you feel safe at home, free of insects and rodents that transmit diseases and cause destructions in our most precious environment.

MYLVA SA started its path within the professional pest control field, developing products for PCOs (Pest Control Operators). As in many other sectors, the professional category is the first one to begin with the change in the usage of innovative solutions and advanced products. MYLVA with its strong know-how and technology took the opportunity to also provide the retail market with products that have a more easy-to-use packaging for consumers and at the same time benefit the highest efficiency and quality.

Today, our task is to provide our innovative products to the professionals and the retail channel.

Mylva, S.A.
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